I am thrilled to share that I have written a book! I am so proud to present New Americana, published by Gibbs Smith. The book will be out July 30, 2019 and is available now to pre-order on Amazon!

New Americana is a lifestyle and decorating book featuring spirited interior décor inspired by a love of old, a quest for authenticity, and the artful blending of old with new. My signature style combines worn wood finishes, classic home furnishings, and personal collections with ease and sophistication. New Americana style captures the great American spirit in the design of spaces that are hardworking, practical, resourceful, honest, and that convey an appreciation for the simple beauty in everyday life.   

I am certainly not the first person to define or celebrate this particular aesthetic, but this book is a very personal look at how I weave the spirit of Americana into spaces I design and into my own signature style.

My interest in writing this book started out as a collection of ideas about decorating. As I put pen to paper, I began to realize that this collection of ideas is centered around an attitude about how I approach life—my love of decorating presented an opportunity for me to identify and acknowledge those things that are most important to me. This book is about being intentional in designing a home that reflects who you are and what you value.

The book discusses the elements of New Americana style and provides a look at what I think and do in my own pursuit of beauty and authenticity. It also illustrates the New Americana style at work in homes in Colorado and Texas. I hope readers will find inspiration and ideas for bringing beauty, comfort and authenticity into their own homes. 

I had the privilege of working with an inspiring creative team on the creation of this book. Ryann Ford is a talented commercial photographer from Austin, Texas. Her style is clean and thoughtful, a perfect match for my aesthetic.  She is known for her meticulously composed architectural and interior photographs, and her photography is stunning. Natalie Warady is a photo stylist and creative consultant based in Boulder, Colorado. Natalie has a fresh creative vision, a keen eye for every detail, and an innate ability to make any space lovely. 

New Americana Cover (FINAL).jpg

Join us at Old Glory in Round Top for a book signing & party! To kick off Fall Antiques Week, we’re making the pages of New Americana come to life in the store.



I will be sharing New Americana at book signings this fall! I can’t wait to share my book with the world, and especially to share it at these great stores & events. From our own store in Denver all the way to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, I’m taking New Americana on the road!



Join Holly & Ryann at the Country Living Fair this October in Atlanta! We are so excited to be presenting New Americana and signing books at such an exciting event.

Visit the Country Living Fair’s website for all the details.

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